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Kickstarter: Last hours!

2014-04-02 12:44:26 by nalem


Hey everyone! Well, after 4 long weeks, the Lighter than Heir Kickstarter's coming to aclose. We've managed to raise about 107% of the goal so far which is pretty cool!

I want to thank all of you who've pledged and spread the news! You're all great!

I also wanted to do a last call for anyone who still would like to pledge! We opened up Paypal preorders too so NO EXCUSE! ;) ;) ;) [haha just teasing] 

So yeah, thanks again!

I have a TON of work ahead of me until July! So if you don't see me, have a good one!


Kickstarter week 3! Funded!

2014-03-18 22:54:08 by nalem


Hey all! Great news! Last Wednesday, we hit our goal of 100%! We're currently at 108% and trying to hit our first stretch goal at $7000! The first stretch goal will allow us to improve the book by upgrading to the highest quality paper so it looks its best!

110495_139519748451_stretchgoals.png We also opened Paypal preorders which is all available here  which is awesome for the credit cardless!  So yeah, spread the word! We'll definitely have a book made now and they could all use a home! In other news, I guess I have a new job now? [other than KS I mean] so it should be good. I hope I can handle it and the KS! Whew! Anyhoo, that's all for now! You all have a good one! -nalem

Kickstarter week 2! Only 17% left! [Preliminary work]

2014-03-11 13:11:53 by nalem

Hey everybody! So week 2 of our Kickstarter started yesterday and I'm happy to say we are at 83%! Only $992 left to our goal! Thanks so much to everyone who's backed and shared so far!

We've been busy getting a lot of preliminary work done to get right to revising the old pages! I developed some new model sheets for reference to keep the designs consistent during the revision process.




Model sheets for weapons coming soon! We’re also developing some new things like a military rank system for the soldiers’ uniforms. It was never considered before, so why not now for the book? Still tinkering with that, so that will come later. When we hit our goal, I’ll start livestreaming the revision process!

Any questions on the Kickstarter? You can see some here: I hope you're all doing alright! Stay healthy everybody! Take care! I'll be back next week! Have a good one!  


Lighter than Heir Kickstarter relaunch now online!

2014-03-03 13:49:56 by nalem

Hello everybody! Came to inform you that the Kickstarter relaunch to print a collection of my webcomic is now online!110495_139387182471_kickstarterpreview.png

Nalem, what the heck is "Lighter than Heir?"

I'm glad you asked, straw Newground user! Lighter than Heir [ ] is a military fantasy webcomic about a young girl's trials to escape her father's shadow. I'm trying to crowdfund printing the book which will have revised art, bonus content, and be in full color!

Hey, didn't you do this before?

Indeed! I ran a Kickstarter back in late November-December. BAD IDEA. It was WAY too close to the holidays when times are tough and people are busy and the goal may have been a bit too ambitious. But this time, we've changed up a bit such as:

  • MUCH smaller goal [$6000 compared to $13000]
  • Smaller order [500 instead of 1000]
  • Held away from the holidays
  • Stretch goals!
  • Free international shipping for the $1-$20 tiers and the limited tiers!

Whaaat! I want one, where do I get it?

Why, right here, dear heart! [

Crap, I don't have a credit card.

That's ok! If it funds, it'll ensure there will be a book and then I can open up preorders via Paypal! But only if it funds, so if you want one, you can help by spreading the news!

Nooo I can't afford to back but I want to help!

That's ok, too! You can help by spreading the news about the Kickstarter, sharing the comic, or just reading the comic!

Nalem, make more cartoons!

 I plan to, I swear!

Anyway, yeah! That's that! I hope it does better this time! Thanks for taking a moment to read this! I hope you're all doing ok! :C I hurt my foot this weekend, aaaa. I hope I didn't break anything lol I'm so clumsy



Hey all! I'm back to let you all know my Kickstarter to print Lighter than Heir vol. 1 relaunches March 3rd! I changed up a bit of it, found a more economical way to print, but kept the book content the same! So you get the same great book but we have a better chance of funding. The new goal is much smaller this time. It should do a lot better, here's hoping. I'm promoting it early to get the news out now. I also set up a prefundia which notifies you as soon as it launches!

No sign up required, just enter your email! [ link here ]110495_139300523571_kickstartertwittermini.png

So yeah! If you'd like to help, I ask if you can share the news and prefundia for now! It's going to need all the help it could get! Thank you very much! Hope all is well on your sides! -nalem

Kickstarter: Final week!

2013-12-13 17:54:46 by nalem

Whaaat! Man, does time fly110495_138697461492_kspreviewfinal.png So we're in our last week! It's been quite a crazy ride for the last 3.  We're still $8896 short, but hey, still have 6 days! Crazier things have happened! It's best to stay positive and keep pushing! Keep signal boosting, keep pledging!

If we don't hit the goal, there will be no book, so every dollar counts! 

If you're interested, time's running out! The kickstarter ends on December 20th!

Want to pledge and can't, or already have pledged? That's ok!  We could use more help signal boosting! I'm doing what I can on my end, and any sharing of the project helps!

Thanks so much for being fans of my silly stories over the years! You've all been amazing and so supportive thus far. Help me bring to you the best work I can deliver to you!

Anyhoo, I gotta get back to work! Still have lots to do :C

You all take care!


Kickstarter week 3

2013-12-05 20:43:42 by nalem

Man, are kickstarters ever hard!

Hey again, everyone! In case you missed it, I launched a Kickstarter back on November 20th!

We've reached about 27% of our goal. We still have a ways to go, but we're not giving up! We still have 13 days left!



Just gotta keep pushing forward!

Me on the other hand, I've been feeling quite ill.

Hopefully it's nothing serious. I hope you guys are ok!

If it's possible, I could use some help signal boosting! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!  I'll be back soon!




2013-11-20 15:17:24 by nalem

Hey there, guys!

Nalem, where the hell have you been?
Man, what a hectic year! I've been busy working on my webcomic, freelance, and suffering on and off health issues. I'm EXhausted!

But I do have some good news, though!

Today, I launched a Kickstarter today to print Lighter than Heir: Volume 1! In case you don't know, Lighter than Heir is a webcomic I've been producing for the last few years. It's a military fantasy comic!

Please take some time to explore it! The kickstarter ends December 20th!

Click here to go to the Kickstarter page

I'm promising a lot of goodies plus the pitch is ANIMATED with voices by Anjidu and Antfish!

Yeah! Fun stuff!

Anyhoo, I'm gonna get back to work now. You all take care! I hope you're all doing well! <3


Click here to go to the Kickstarter page


6 months later

2013-05-28 05:30:16 by nalem

Newgroooounds! How's it going?

Oh man, it's been almost 6 months already? Yeesh, that's bad.

Let's see, where do I start?!

I guess I should explain WHERE'RE THE FLASH CARTOONS? Okay, you got me. I put a lot of my side projects on hold to focus on developing my webcomic. It's working well so far! I'm happy to say my readership's jumped 575% in just the past 6 weeks and it feels good. It turned 2 years old last Friday and it's 250+ pages long now. YOU SHOULD READ IT. It'll make me happy. THEN IF YOU LIKE IT, TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO READ IT.

What about FLASH THOUGH?! I've been playing with flash between my webcomics and freelance, but not as much as I'd like:C Haha, I was slowed down dramatically in February and March. I got pretty sick, then I injured my arm pretty bad, but I'm better now! Still, it did slow me down dramatically, so it's been catch up ever since. I'm happy to say I'm almost caught up, so maybe I can get back to flash soon.

In the meantime, I'm flying out on Wednesday to spend a month in Florida. I'll be visiting family; I haven't seen my mother in 2 years! Time slips by easily.

But I won't be taking a break in Florida! I'll be preparing for July. I'm going to Connecticon! The cool guys at the Hiveworkswere kind enough to share some table space with me, so I'll be selling some stuff, original and fan related. Come by and say hello, buy some swag, or both!

Let's see hmmm what else.

I suppose I set up my tumblr as an official art blog, but that's nothing too special. Really, all I do is work.

Oh, I guess I didn't share it, but I produced PaperBatVG's Youtube series intro.

I hope you guys are doing well! 2013 has been such a busy year, I'm losing touch with people! :( It's a shame.


6 months later

An important video by Stephen Silver. Protect your art career!

2013-01-30 12:01:25 by nalem

I can't seem to embed the video! How odd! Oh well!

This is some very important advice from the old master himself, Stephen Silver. He's well known for work on Warner Bros. TV, Disney TV, Sony Animation and Nickelodeon Animation. He's worked on such shows as Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, the animated Clerks series and more. As a freelance artist, I tell you all from personal experience, the man knows what he's talking about. So listen up! Being used sucks and it hurts the industry. Don't do it!