Updates and new cartoon!

2012-12-12 11:56:24 by nalem

Hello, everybody! What is up?

It has been a busy month for me!

-Had my first table back in November
We sold really well! I still can't believe how well things sold. o_o; Seriously. I encountered 2 people who recognized my flash work, haha. I never thought I'd ever see that.

-Changed my webcomic updates to every weekday (http://lighterthanheir.com)
Trying to get through this current story arc a little faster. Due to being sick/injured over the last year, I'm about 6-8 weeks behind on updates. I don't really like missing updates or being behind schedule! Check it out, maybe you'll like it! :3

-Launched a new Pale Dog store (http://paledogstudios.storenvy.com)
It has some original comics, stickers, buttons, and fan stickers of some of our (our referring to us at Pale Dog) favorite cartoons and shows! There's a new Fenada comic (based on the 2 flash episodes I did) It's pretty funny, you should check it out! (Right here) I'm working on the 3rd episode now. I'll try to get that out soon!

-The usual commission work keepin' me busy.

A new cartoon came out last week! Calamitous Critique!

This one was written by spanio! He's a funny kind of guy. Go tell him to make more cartoons! And perhaps subscribe to my channel? :3c

-I passed 1,000 subscribers on youtube!
Yay! :3 Thanks for the subscribes! As for the free commission for the 1,000th subscriber, that goes to DN83! Haha! I'll try to do your free commission this weekend!

I feel a lot better this month with all the work. I think I'm getting use to it! Sadly, I wasn't able to have that big holiday sale like I wanted. I was just too busy! Oh well!

So Newgrounds has a social network now? Neat. Go be my friend or something! Before you ask, I won't date you! Haha! I get those messages a lot :P

So how's life for everyone else out there? Excited for Christmas? Did you have a good Hanukkah? Did you try a good dish recently? DETAILS, PEOPLE. Liek ohmehgawd

That's it for me now! Have a good one <3


Updates and new cartoon!


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2012-12-12 12:27:01


Also work is great! Keeping busy is easily the most awesome thing one can ask for, congrats on the youtube milestone, btDUBS

nalem responds:

Thanks, guy! :) I'm pretty happy with all the work! HOW'S LIFE ON YOUR END?


2012-12-12 13:03:22

Addicted to drawing all the wrong things. <_<

MADNUSS ANIMATION IS GOIN REALLY FAST THO. Holy shit for a few months I was doing an animation for Monstercat Media and it absolutely annihilated my animation time budget (all dose revisions), but they were really badass about it and threw in sizable bonus for using so much of my time. Good thing, too, cause I didn't ask for nearly enough from the start. Lesson learned! Now that it's done I'm just waiting til' they drop it on their channel and I get a buncha new youtube subs, and then I try and wrangle em to stay with a new Incident cartoon that'll be out in a month or so.

nalem responds:

Good times! :3


2012-12-12 13:44:10

Nalemmm! Glad to see you're doing well. Do you think you could do me a favor and check your PM's? Thanks a ton! :)


2012-12-12 20:49:39

Awesome! It'll be neat to see it finished. If the thing's able to be finished by the end of Hanukkah that'd be awesome :)