An important video by Stephen Silver. Protect your art career!

2013-01-30 12:01:25 by nalem

I can't seem to embed the video! How odd! Oh well!

This is some very important advice from the old master himself, Stephen Silver. He's well known for work on Warner Bros. TV, Disney TV, Sony Animation and Nickelodeon Animation. He's worked on such shows as Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, the animated Clerks series and more. As a freelance artist, I tell you all from personal experience, the man knows what he's talking about. So listen up! Being used sucks and it hurts the industry. Don't do it!


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2013-01-30 12:46:37

Truer words have never been ranted.


2013-01-30 13:41:30

All hail stephen silver a man after my own name... literally


2013-01-30 14:13:41

It saddens me. He's going to get flak because lesser minded tard-baskets are going to call him greedy or selfish. Set aside the fact that he's (in my opinion) right. The guy/girl asking the deviant art follower (or whatever site an artist uses to express themselves) for free-bes and when they hear a *price* here's a better chance of them walking away instead of just handing them money for their work.

Maybe part of it is because I couldn't draw ANYTHING to save my life. Gun held to my head, I'd tell the guy to just pull the trigger and save us both the time. Maybe it's because I've been there in other situations.

Or maybe it's because the guy has years of experience and speaks from the heart.

Either way, the embed works for me (just gotta click the link and BAM! it opens). Good post Nalem. Really was worth the listen/read.

nalem responds:

I hear ya. He's gonna get so much flack for this. They're going to assume he lacks passion and he's all in it for the money. But our passion is drawing, not being used and starving to death.


2013-01-30 14:32:39

Mr Silver has a great point, and I have no problem with making money off of art and animation. It's when people use NG or YouTube as a get rich quick scheme (Ex. Arrogancy, James Farr, Brooke Burgess) is where I get suspicious. That, and when people compromise their values/merits in an attempt at easy money.


2013-01-30 15:30:28


thats a great video- people complain theres no jobs its because their friends are giving away their talent for free

Never do that!


2013-01-30 15:30:29


thats a great video- people complain theres no jobs its because their friends are giving away their talent for free

Never do that!


2013-01-30 22:43:27

Great find. This fit quite well with me. Now that I'm actually starting to get somewhere with my music, I've gotten a few requests for small projects. Always just for credit, never for any money. And since they're small projects, it's understandable, but I think that's what traps a lot of people, thinking that just getting a credit will help them. Sometimes it does, but most of the time (at least with me), I just end up looking at the credits, thinking "Oh, I like the job they did" and then forget about them the next day (Not on purpose of course). I'd like to be able to keep track of all the people I like and support them, but it's just not possible. People have to realize that just because art is what we like to do, doesn't mean it's just for fun, people still need to make some money. Glad I saw this post!


2013-01-30 22:49:55

Definitely true. If I were to make a job out of something, I most certainly wouldn't want to do work for free. It's just like he says, artists are "a dime a dozen" because they let themselves be.

Don't be like those artists, Nalem. D:


2013-01-30 23:24:25

Anyone who does anything for free is an idiot, talk about stating the obvious.

(Updated ) nalem responds:

You don't know what's going on in their head, so to blindly call the duped idiots as a whole is uncalled for. Sometimes those clients are really manipulative and play with your emotions to get work out of you. It's not so black and white! Sometimes the best way to learn is through trial and error or word of mouth, and not everybody has the advantage of having someone to tell you. That's why Mr. Silver stepped in.


2013-01-30 23:27:50

Well, at least on the comments section he has support. It's so true in hindsight, but it also applies to other jobs/professions because nowadays people don't think things deeply and don't fight for what they deserve, and it ends up with a lot of other people taking advantage of such situation. Like we say around here "No hay que ser regalados".


2013-01-31 00:10:17

A Rant that I finally listened to, and got EXTREMELY motivated to start making people purchase the rights to me working on their projects. Stephen is a champ.


2013-01-31 04:48:40

flack... plenty of flack


2013-01-31 09:20:28

I was asked to produce an instructional video for free, and I dismissed it after a few seconds of staring at this woman. She mentioned exposure, future paid projects and a 'foot in the door', but luckily, I had better things to do. When white collars get a set budget, and if it gets done well and under budget, they'll fudge the numbers and pocket the rest.

Has anyone ever approached you like that?


2013-01-31 18:04:07

free exposure is a nice way of saying "Do it for free and you'll get as much exposure as you usually would from your art sites."

(Updated ) nalem responds:

And sometimes with no credit!