Kickstarter week 2! Only 17% left! [Preliminary work]

2014-03-11 13:11:53 by nalem

Hey everybody! So week 2 of our Kickstarter started yesterday and I'm happy to say we are at 83%! Only $992 left to our goal! Thanks so much to everyone who's backed and shared so far!

We've been busy getting a lot of preliminary work done to get right to revising the old pages! I developed some new model sheets for reference to keep the designs consistent during the revision process.




Model sheets for weapons coming soon! We’re also developing some new things like a military rank system for the soldiers’ uniforms. It was never considered before, so why not now for the book? Still tinkering with that, so that will come later. When we hit our goal, I’ll start livestreaming the revision process!

Any questions on the Kickstarter? You can see some here: I hope you're all doing alright! Stay healthy everybody! Take care! I'll be back next week! Have a good one!  



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2014-03-11 13:31:05

You're soooo going to hit you goal, you'll outright break it


2014-03-11 22:08:21

I want one

(Updated ) nalem responds:

Cool! They're only able to be bought through Kickstarter at the moment! If you can't use Kickstarter, after we fund, they'll be available for preorder through Paypal


2014-03-13 13:12:29

Congrats! You = Funded!